Surprise Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Announcing that you’re pregnant is exciting, nerve-wracking, and emotional all balled into one! Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a while or if it has come as a total surprise, telling your hubby is incredibly exciting.          If you are looking for some cute and fun ways to tell your hubby you have a […]

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I’m Pregnant! Now What?

100 THINGS FIRST-TIME MOMS SHOULD KNOW You’re pregnant…congratulations!  This life-changing moment sure comes with its fair share of emotions: excitement, joy, relief, panic, and likely an extra dose of confusion over what to do next.  Here is a compilation of 100 things that moms from around the world have learned and shared about pregnancy, labour and delivery, postpartum recovery and […]

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The Utmost Hospital Bag Checklist

You’ll be surprised at how many things you need to take with you to the hospital. Our handy checklist for your hospital bag will ensure you arrive prepared for everything and anything, with a few pampering extras too… Hospital Bag for Mom: Labour and Delivery Medical notes and birth plan (if you have one) Bathrobe for walking around during labour […]

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7 Nursery Ideas to Create a Happy Space for Your New Baby

Whether you have space to spare, or you need to get creative in a small home, try these ideas for room decor, storage, organization and other pre-baby preparation essentials. You can have months or weeks until your new baby arrives, but you have to think every detail and every need before you go to the hospital. From wallpaper design to […]

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