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Do you know your body shape?

If you know your body shape, it will be easier to determine your style of clothing.

PEARThe key clothing style for the pear body is to create an image that will highlight the upper part of the body.
You will gain more weight from the basins and abdominal area.
This region is wider than the chest and gradually expands outward from the basin region.
Recommended top clothing:
- Wide, deep V-neck
- Wide sleeve tops
- Shoulders tops
Recommended Bottom clothing:
- Dark pant
- Casual pants
- Ground dark jeans
HourglassAlmost all types of clothing are suitable for you because you have a distinct waist size.
Basin and chest are balanced and you have a significant waist.
Recommended top clothing:
- Blouse
- Fit clothing that will show your height long
Recommended Bottom clothing:
- Slim fit or fit garments that reveal your legs
- Pants that match your leg shape.
RectangleIf you have this body style, you should choose dresses that show proportional to the upper and lower parts of your body and at the same time make your waist distinctive.
Your basin and chest size is almost the same.
Recommended top clothing:
- Dynamic (moving) patterned blouses, tops revealing body contours
- Chest and shoulders with fancy pocket (short jackets)
- Wide and deep V-neck embroidery fabrics.
- Lace tops with sleeves.
- Shirts that cover the basin.
- Striped tops down to the basin area.
Recommended Bottom clothing:
- Trousers with back pockets that cover the basin folds
- Boots cut or Spanish trotters
- Fit pants.

APPLEProper clothing style is to reveal the waist and abdomen. To reveal this, you should choose bottom garments that cover your basins and provide a curved appearance and tops that shape your abdomen.
You have a large breast structure and basins.
Recommended top clothing:
- Wide V-neck tops with shawl or scarf
- Relaxed Shirts with a waistline
- Long Robes / Dresses
Recommended Bottom clothing:
- Trousers
- Leggings pants
- baggies pants

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